Indian Relay

Date: July 17, 2020

The rider races bareback on thoroughbred horses, and jumps from one horse to the next in each lap around a track. In total, the single rider does two transfers to three different horses in three laps.  First to past the finish line, wins.

A horse can become dazed, running well past the finish line without stopping. Or worse, it could stop short of the white line at the beginning of the track, mistaking it for a barrier. Transferring from one horse to another doesn’t always go smoothly either.

The thoroughbreds can run in the wrong direction, making the team fall behind in the race. Or riders can miss their mark leaping on the animal’s back and fall off.

But the event was about more than just sport. It was about reconciliation and healing for a new generation.

“All the teams out here from Alberta and Saskatchewan. We’re pretty close. It’s like one big relay family,” said Tyree Badger said, a Kehewin Cree Nation team rider.

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